Our Services

We offer services around the key themes of finance, risk and strategy


With a changing and uncertain business environment, finance functions must evolve to sit at the heart of decision making within their organizations.

To help address the changing role of accountants in business, we engage with business and finance leaders to provide solutions that transform finance and enable decision making across an organisation.

We assist in developing the finance function of the future. We deliver solutions that support the finance function with forward-thinking ideas:

  • Enhance  finance and business operations performance
  • Integrated planning and budgeting
  • Integration of finance and risk areas
  • Implementation of new accounting standards 
  • Cost savings and optimization reviews and implementation
  • Development of financial/profitability models



All companies must manage risk. Failure to do so leaves them vulnerable to external and internal factors that can destabilise their market position or stunt growth opportunities. Companies are currently operating in a time of rapid change and with change comes risk.

Evolving regulation and technology are transforming the way business is done. Without the right level of planning and anticipation of potential events, risks are heightened.

GAP consultants provide companies with the tools to effectively manage risk on a forward looking basis to mitigate risk:

  • Risk management strategy creation and reviews, covering people, systems and processes
  • Risk management framework and policy design 
  • Risk appetite design and implementation and risk maturity assessment
  • End to end risk process reviews
  • Risk modeling 
  • Regulatory compliance and regulatory change reviews
  • Capital management and Stress testing 
  • Asset and Liability Management
  • Risk register compilation and maintenance, including risk and control mapping, and business process mapping


To survive in today’s rapidly changing world, business must not only anticipate change, but drive it.  In an increasingly competitive market with rapid product cycles, having the right strategy is important.

We support our clients with strategic decision making:

  • Strategy development including business plans
  • Business and processes optimisation
  • Future oriented design, optimisation and implementation of operating models