About Us



We are experts in finance, risk and strategy with over 15 years’ of experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our experience allows us to identify innovative approaches and improved solutions to enable forward looking risk management in environments with key gaps in technology, resources and capability.

Our team is geared to assist companies in developing and implementing winning strategies. We assist companies in building capabilities, introducing fresh perspectives and new techniques in management of finance and risk. We have extensive knowledge of all phases of the financial and risk management cycles. We have vast experience in Sub-Saharan African with in-depth understanding of various economies and regulations.

We assist our clients by providing leading edge solutions to enhance their financial and risk management environments. We build capabilities and introduce fresh perspectives and new techniques. We are a consulting agency that’s ready to deliver tailored solutions on time.


  • We strive for excellent service and professionalism
  • We seek out innovative solutions and partnerships to continuously improve our service delivery
  • We are committed to build enduring, valuable and trusted relationships with our clients
  • We search for answers to augment inhouse capabilities 
  • We recognize diversity, and always respect other peoples’ culture and views
  • We are self-motivated in the pursuit of life-long knowledge for personal and/or professional development